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1 Hour Private Coaching

1 On 1 Coaching Session With CBT Practitioner Dennis Simsek (The Anxiety Guy).


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1 Hour With Robyn

Powerful mental health solutions through proper nutrition with Robyn.


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1 On 1 Coaching (4 Sessions)

1 On 1 CBT Coaching Sessions with Dennis.


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1 On 1 Coaching Sessions (12 Sessions)

1 On 1 CBT Coaching Sessions WIth Dennis.


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4 Session Package

4 powerful sessions to create the plan and accountability to turn anxiety and mental health challenges into a thing of the past.


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Anxiety Workshops

A Powerful 4 Week Online Workshop That Will Lead You Towards Self Mastery Over Your Mind, Body, And Spirit.


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End The Anxiety Program

A proven method to overcoming generalized anxiety, health anxiety, and panic attacks naturally.


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Fast Track To Success

A Personalized Program To Rapid Success Over Anxiety.


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Freedom Retreat (Bali, Indonesia)

An Award Winning Retreat Held In Beautiful Bali Indonesia For Health Anxiety And GAD Sufferers. 


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RIC Certification Course

A powerful downloadable certification course for people who have gone through anxiety themselves, and are looking to make a positive difference in the lives of other anxiety sufferers. 


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